Singularity 1.0 is now available for sale!

This post will be updated frequently.This is the most recent update on the availability of my novel, Singularity 1.0.

There are various options for people who may choose to purchase the book:

For people in Delaware County, the full-color, soft cover editionis available NOW at Main Point for $23.95.

Main Point Books
116 North Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

As of August 31st, “Singularity 1.0” will also be available in Indians, Pennsylvania at the:

Book Nook
711 Philadelphia St.
Indiana, PA 15701
(724) 463-0831 

I will be personally signing ALL books purchased at Main Point.

Singularity 1.0 is also available from PayPal and may be purchased with a credit card or PayPal. The price is $19.95 plus. $5.95 shipping and 6% sales tax.

Since I will be shipping from my stock, they all will be signed personally, and will deliver or have them delivered directly to buyers living within the greater Main Line area (if purchased prior to Oct. 1, 2019) 
You may click here to order a Kindle version at any time from amazon. Simply search Singularity 1.0 in the “Book” section of Amazon. Kindle versions are just $5.95, and will include illustrations. The illustrations will ONLY be in color if you have a reader that shows color.
Soft Cover Edition
Click here to purchase the soft-cover books are $24.95, but your shipping may be free with Prime. Unfortunately because the books are in full color and 300 pages in length, the printing is expensive and is being purchased by Amazon “on demand” which means that each book may be printed separately in order to fulfill an order.

Orders are also available at:


The only way that the book stands to succeed in a marketplace full of thousands of new books each year is by reviews provided by readers.....preferably on Amazon. If you are an Amazon user, you may review my book however you received it. I believe you may also provide review at Barnes & Noble.

Reviews enable other possible readers to learn a little about the book, and also to let them know how much they enjoyed the book, or found value in it. From an author’s standpoint it provides a benchmark of how he or she “did” in conceptualizing, producing and writing a book. From the supplier’s standpoint, it needs reviews in order to position a book for they can recommend books that people will enjoy and purchase.

From my standpoint, 3 stars and above is a “good” review, so I am bribing readers to get my FIRST 20 REVIEWS by sending them a high quality FREE T-shirt worth at least $19.95, for a review of 3 Stars and Above! Just email me with your review, name and address, and I will send T-shirts to the first 20....from 3 stars to 5 stars...first come, first served.

T-Shirts may be purchased separately:

Sizes Available

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