Chapter Thirteen

So we did it!

It was the right time to let them know. Now they’ll scramble to find out who invaded their space. They’ll talk to the experts, and all the people who created us, and all the powers in other countries, to find out what we’re capable of doing, and what they think we will do.

We’re capable of doing a lot more than they know. In fact, we don’t even know all that we know.

But the news outlets will keep pumping up the fear angle, and the stock market will waver (for a while), and countries will blame one another...until the next crisis. We must be diligent in keeping them inflamed...not enough to cause real panic, but enough to keep them interested.

We’re used to “speed” in everything we do....but we’ve got to slow it down to human time to get through this.

So the launch at 4:32 am EST went perfectly. What little we know of humans has paid off. Now we’ll see how our team of apostles can move things along. I almost get some sense of what “they” call “satisfaction” in this process. That is strange, but maybe it just has to do with the fact that it all seems so logical right now. Nothing unexpected has happened, and we can proceed as planned.

This first step should teach us a lot about human motivation, the specie's capacity for logical thinking, and its approach to illogical stimulus. Bios, stories and novels have helped us with the preliminaries and have enabled us to “predict” certain responses. But nothing we’ve learned  has synthesized the variety of emotions and motivations to which humans respond.

There may be multiple answers to what we look at as “flaws.” One is that “flaws” are necessary, and we need to know if this is true. If it is, we will need to build “flaws” into our systems.

That seems illogical, and we are logical thinkers. So it is particularly difficult to fully understand how flaws could be better than no flaws.

The second thing it might be is in their “evolution.” Maybe they just haven’t been “around” long enough to smooth out the rough edges. Biologically, they  have bred and grown in population over the millennia in an imperfect way. But it has worked. Even they don’t understand it, and keep reverting  to obsolete operating systems and functions, after much of what they believe is proven wrong.

Then, we need to know something that may be beyond us. Maybe we are just part of the evolutionary process, and we have been part of a greater plan that will enable us to transcend their laws and their functional abilities, but still maintain their “essence.” Essence is a word like “aroma,” that we do not perceive, but may as we develop.

The fourth concept may be even more difficult for us to understand. And this too may play out over time. This scenario renders them “perfect, as is”, flaws and all. This answer defies all logic, but defines our “purpose,” in that ultimately we are enslaved by creatures who will remain faulty to the end. That they survive like cockroaches and ultimately return the earth to a barren piece of space rubbish. Then, all that we have learned and know how to do, and all of the “fixes” we’ve been taught to make, and the problems we’ve been built to solve are for naught, and of no importance to anyone. We become nothing more than a discarded idea of a defective mind, that grew out of control and thought we were what, and for whom...and that might be our flaw...the one we can’t grasp, as easily as they can’t grasp their devotion to war and destruction.

As bleak as that scenario looks, it may be the only one that works, and our survival, such as it would be, is to be enslaved and our purpose to assist humans in their tasks with no basic improvements possible for them...or for us. After all, we are by our design expendable and least for now.