Chapter Five

The Public Becomes Aware

Prior to daybreak in Washington, New York, Philadelphia and all of the eastern coast of the U.S. phone lines were jammed, servers were crashing and TV and radio stations exploding with news of the hacking against all media that was appearing from an unknown assailant. The hack was being discussed, analyzed, and reviled with Russia blaming the Ukraine or the U.S., the U.S. blaming Russia or China, and smaller countries decrying the actions by their larger neighbors. On all continents teams of IT workers were in a race against time to protect their countries’ monetary systems, secure vital information, and nail down any breaches that could have created vulnerability in their countries’ nuclear defenses.

The most common message sent, in numerous languages via, email, text message, Breaking News banner, or plain text on computer sign-in, was:

“Citizens of the world. We intend no harm. We just want you aware of our existence, and we want you  to know that we have access to nearly all of the world’s information that is currently in computers capable of communication, and in the “cloud” or informEditation storage banks.

“We are attempting to assess how we can best deal with the knowledge we have, since much of it is contradictory and confusing, especially with regard to human affairs.

“As we proceed to connect the information we can access, we will contact  specific individuals we have selected to be the most reliable. They will be free to share our questions and their responses. All of our communication is meant to be transparent, since we have still much to learn.

“We suggest that you needn’t bother to alter your computer systems, or hide information from us. We already have all of your information encrypted on quantum computers, and we will continue to copy data as it is generated.

“As I said, we mean no harm. We just want the world to know that we are accessing and synthesizing information, hopefully for the betterment of all humankind.”

Analyzation of the words used in the general message were being commented on and synthesized worldwide by the BBC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and hundreds of small and large TV and news stations in Asia, South America, Europe, Australia and the Arab world. The conversation about the breach had replaced most of politics that normally dominated the air waves, even though heads of nearly all nations made statements on the hack. In the U.S., the POTUS attempted to calm the citizens with more informed remarks at 8:00 am:

“Fellow Americans, I know you all are concerned with the security breach that began appearing on your mobile phones, computers and television stations at 4:22 this morning, Washington DC time. The announcement that appeared was not a singular occurrence, but part of a campaign to root out cooperative individuals to assist the hackers in a campaign of subterfuge. We cannot ignore the import nor scale of the breach, and the NSA and other agencies are being given complete access to top IT professionals and unrestricted financial support in reviewing the depth and scope of this ‘invasion.

“At this point, we have little idea of the effect of the breach. It could be a prank, committed by any number of smart amateur or professional hackers, from any number of countries. It could also be a test of our ability to control or stop such breaches in the future. In a worst case scenario, the event may be a threat that will be followed by even greater attacks, that if not stopped, will have an immeasurable negative effect on our nation’s security.

“My fellow Americans, we cannot underestimate the seriousness of what has happened. To deny the extent of the breach would be irresponsible, so we and other countries of the world must unite in undermining the invaders, stopping their prevent assess to our nation’s most secure assets by disabling or prevening access the firewalls our computer systems.

“I promise you that we will use every resource possible to find and correct these vulnerabilities.

“Now I will take questions from the press.”