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A Gift for Father Ribose
Not long after Father Ribose read his message on his computer, he accessed WFMT radio online, the only classical music station in the Chicago area. Instead of music, he heard commentary on a security breach that allegedly was affecting communications throughout the world. The announcer read the statement that came into the station as well as to all of its employees.

The message began, “Citizens of the world. We intend no harm,“ and then the announcer continued into the remainder of the message – a message that Father Ribose did not recall. The message to him had been had been personal. That which U.S. President Beefer’s presented seemed to be ignoring the “no harm” message communicated to him by the messenger on his screen, and concentrated instead on the threat of “cautions” and the threat of “further attacks.”

Ribose went into the kitchen where he had his TV. He turned it on to CBS, then NBC and then to public broadcasting and each was reporting the breach. The statement was the same in every case, and not the same as the message and conversation he had read earlier.

Ribose returned to his computer and after signing in he found on his desktop a folder that appeared in “red” which he opened. Inside the folder entitled “Historical and Sacramental Records of the Archdiocese of Chicago” were other folders titled “Marriages,” “Divorces,” “Birth Certificates,” “Christenings,” “Death Certificates” along with other sacramental records. Inside each folder he found sub-folders by decades that stretched back to the early 1840s. Each sub-folder contained an excel file with varying amounts of information, many supported by scanned documents and photographs that were obviously original. An Excel file in the main folder provided a synopsis of the data with information broken down for clarification and the provenance of the documents included.

The priest smiled at his bounty, and wondered to himself how much he need reveal to his higher ups about his source. Obviously the source was not nefarious in its dealings with humans thus far, at least in their dealings with him, so he set to work reviewing the accuracy and depth of the research provided.