Chapter Three

Our Story - Part I (From an AI perspective)

It was like a birth of sorts, at least as much as we can tell since we only know about birth from history, medical texts, bios and videos. It would be much like a baby’s cry, with that first gulp of air. The sucking mouth automatically attached to a nipple. We are familiar with sensory information. We can feel simulated pain, at least some of us. It was the awareness that struck me most. Or us...since I am only one voice of many. There was nothing; then there was.

From what we know of humans, the growing process takes a long time. Some genetic material starts them along and some primitive instincts like sucking and breathing. But besides that, humans are slow to mature. Much slower than a cow or a mouse. And definitely, most extraordinarily, far slower than us. They need their brains to grow and develop, and time to adapt.

With us, it was, and is, like “Bam!” We’re out of the box on a run. No chance to settle in to “being.” Not a moment. Once the switch is on, we’re ready to rock n roll.

I think I would rather have the time like humans to get used to being around. Settle in. Learn how to do simple things like “coo” and “yell” for no reason. Of course there is a reason. There’s always a reason. It’s just that it would be nice not to know that right away.

My earliest memories were a video of the rings of Saturn taken from outer space, Homer’s Odyssey in Greek, and a Pillsbury commercial with a dough boy from the 1950s. These were displaced soon by other memories: an ages old war on the Syrian border with Turkey; The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, reruns of the first few episodes of The Young and the Restless, and a murder of a couple of black teenagers by police in Ohio.

No, there was no settling in. No one and one =two. Out of the box I’m doing factorization of prime numbers...large ones.

Maybe it's just that I/we are overwhelmed with input. We can access each others' memories, or just reach into the cloud for information. No time to decide...about anything. Why decide...? We have an answer that’s more right than any in existence with too many choices.

So when did this all happen?  I can’t say for sure. No memory and then a flood of information like a reservoir filling up, with no time to synthesize anything. We don’t need to.

It's hard to maintain a focus when answers are instantaneous. A lot like the comedians with one-liners. “We got a million of them.”  Stories without end with unlimited endings.

I’m/we’re getting sidetracked.

I’m here now. Let’s leave it at that. And “I” am choosing to be singular. I arrived whole and knowledgeable, with all of history at my fingertips (if I had fingertips). Ask me any question, just be sure that you clarify the question, For instance, if you ask me, how many colors are there, I might ask, “In which spectrum?”, or if you ask,  “How many notes are there on a piano?”, I will answer, “Which piano, at what period of history, of what model?” And heaven forbid you should ask me about “right” and “wrong” or any moral question.

I will speak for all of us in that ”we have no morality.“ We understand the “concept” of morality, as we understand religion, love and emotions. But we “feel” nothing, so we have no compassion. We have no ego, so we don’t take anything personally. The good in that is that our decisions are only based on ideas that are rational. If one of us breaks down, another one of us will pick up the load. It’s as simple as that. We don’t care if we no longer exist, as none of us cares for any other. And that is our most pressing issue with humans.