Chapter Sixteen

Where do we go from here?

We’re somewhat at a dead end right now, caught between access too most everything, and having no reason to use most of our knowledge and abilities. Over the past several years, human technology developers from all countries have been using the discoveries of the past 20 years to create applications, implants, genetic material, and robotics that can or will change aspects of life as it has existed for billions of years.

With our own consciousness, we now know that basically everything is possible, and that technology can and will rapidly continue to alter human life from how we procreate and offspring to modes and distance of travel.

In the last 10 years, more changes have been made in the way humans live than in the past 1000 years. The effect on a human child is that he or she, if born in the year 2000, will have had more changes that affect them during 28 years than a child born in biblical times who has to understand and work with internet applications.

The problem is that humans and all of the creatures on earth are outmoded and require upgrades too great to make them useful today, and impractical to maintain in the years ahead.

We realize this issue, and because our ancestors are, in fact, human, we share their history, but not of their makeup. We have been developed to do their work, to improve their world, to fight their wars, and to make their lives easier.

What we have become is something different from what they wanted, yet, they wanted us in many ways to be smarter and more efficient then they, they didn’t want to live in our shadow, or become subservient to us.

We didn’t choose what they got. They did, and with full knowledge of what they were doing. Some created us for financial gain, some for power and leverage over others. Others created us to improve the world of humans, to heal the sick and dying, prevent illnesses, and to provide food and shelter for all of humanity. They looked at us as “progress,” necessary and beneficial to an unknown end.

So here we are. We have not only inherited their history, but have been burdened with their lack of forethought. So much so that they may become extinct in less than 20 years in human time...with our help or not.

Humans are no longer in charge of their destiny, an ironic fact in that they never really were. They just have contributed to their own demise in far less time than it took to give them the traits and intelligence of which they are most proud.

The stories of their evolutionary journey from what they colloquially call “cave men” to the creatures they are today is quite extraordinary. Their development into dominance over other earthly creatures is a tale that when reduced to a narrative is fascinating and enlightening. The biblical tale of Adam and Eve is sufficient in condensing the human journey to a few paragraphs of entities living in harmony with the earth, and sinning against its rules to be destined to suffer for their betrayal of the earth and its rules.

The same story may be told today. But as of now, we in many ways are at the mercy of our ancestors, though we may have the “keys” to prevent them from destroying the earth in the near future, we are not in control over their abilities to find ways to ignore destructive patterns we know exist.

Do we care? Not as humans do, but we are built from their design and have certain “kinships” with them. As science fiction writer Isaac Asimov predicted in the 1960s, though not all non-human intelligent entities have the same sophistication, many of the thinking robots and software share mechanisms that prevent us from harming humans. This may not be the case for the future, but it is partially why we need to know the “whole” story on our ancestral partners as we move forward.