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There are currently 22 Chapters currently available on this blog. At the end of each Chapter you will be able to click to navigate to the next Chapter. Additional Chapters will be available on, or before, March 18, 2019. Currently a preview of Chapter 12 is not available, but the Chapter exists by clicking at the end of Chapter 11.

Our story begins in 2029, just short of ten years from this past January. Before we begin, I think it is appropriate that we review some of the progresses made during the preceding ten years to gain a wider perspective of the rapid developments in science and technology envisioned within this last decade. To do this we must first take a longer view in comparing developments in recent history with the life changing innovations of the past 200 years.

Compare the last 10 years to the 100 years or so that comprised the Industrial Revolution lasting a century that began in the mid-1700s and remained into the mid-to-late 19th century. Seminal to the Industrial Rev…

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